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COVID-19 Travel Information for French Polynesia

The Islands of Tahiti’s borders remain open

  • The Islands of Tahiti’s borders are still open and commercial flights will continue to operate. As such tourists are welcome to travel to our islands as long as they comply with the existing entry protocol and the new measures in place in some areas of the territory. For the moment the flight programmes of international and domestic airlines remain unchanged.


  • The measures concerning movement of people in The Islands of Tahiti  applicable from Saturday, October 16, 2021:
    • Curfew :
      –  Austral Islands: 9pm to 4am maintained
      – Society Islands: 10pm to 4am
      – Tuamotu Islands, Gambier Islands and Marquesas Islands : the curfew will be lifted.
      The certificate of movements during the curfew is available on the website of the High Commission.




Entry and Stay conditions in The Islands of Tahiti as of August 11th 2021


The entry and stay conditions in The Islands of Tahiti have been updated with  the following changes :

  • Simplification of platform for VACCINATED TRAVELLERS :
    For all vaccinated travellers, the health request on including the upload of proof of vaccination is no longer required.
    It should be noted, however, that checks of proof of vaccination and tests required will continue to be carried out upon departure and upon arrival.
  • RT-PCR self-test upon arrival :
    In view of the extremely low number of tourists found to be positive upon arrival (2 per 1000 passengers), the traveller screening process is modified as follows as of Thursday August 12th:
    – All travellers must undergo an RT-PCR self-test upon arrival, regardless of their vaccination status.
    – A self-test kit with instructions will be given to them upon disembarking. The test can be performed  under the supervision of a health professional in a dedicaded area at the airport from 5am and 10am. Outside of these opening hours, travelers can leave their test at their hotel reception in Tahiti and Moorea or directly in one of the drop-off locations.
    – The other provisions of the entry protocol remain unchanged.


    • Travelers having stayed at least 15 days in a French territory (except Guyana) or in the United Kingdom or in a country of the green-zone (including USA and Canada), prior to departure to French Polynesia.
    • Travelers “Immunized by Covid-19” now follow the same protocol as vaccinated travelers.
    • No more compelling reason to be justified to travel to Tahiti,
    • Deadlines to be respected between full anti-COVID 19 vaccination and departure:
      • 7 days for Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines
      • 28 days for the Janssen vaccine
    • Are included in this category :
      • Unvaccinated travelers
      • Travelers immune by previous COVID-19 infection
      • Travelers having stayed less than 15 days in a French territory (except Guyana), or in the United Kingdom or in a country of the green-zone (including USA and Canada), prior to departure to French Polynesia.
    • Compelling reason for travel still applicable (Health, Family, Work)
    • Tourism is not a compelling reason for travel
    • A 10-day quarantine is still applicable
    • Traveling with a parent or legal guardian who is :
      • vaccinated : no quarantine – 2 self-tests – (distributed upon arrival) to be done at D+4 and D+8 and to be deposited at their hotel or in a dedicated health centre
      • unvaccinated : Compulsory 10-day quarantine in TAHITI ONLY + 2 RT-PCR tests at D+4 and D+8 at the Louis Malardé InstituteTAHITI
    • Traveling alone (UM) :
      • Compulsory 10-day quarantine together with the legal guardian representative in TAHITI ONLY + 2 RT-PCR tests at D+4 and D+8 at the Louis Malardé Institute TAHITI


Travelers are considered immunized if they have:

  • Contracted Covid-19 and received at least one dose of vaccine between 2 and 6 months after contracting Covid-19*
  • Contracted Covid-19 more than 15 days after receiving at least one dose of vaccine

*For travelers immune by previous COVID infection : proof document can be a dated positive test result or a medical certificate by a doctor + proof of vaccination for 1 shot

Travelers are considered fully vaccinated if they received:

  • Comirnaty vaccine (Pfizer): 2 doses
  • Moderna vaccine: 2 doses
  • Astrazeneca/Vaxzevria vaccine: 2 doses
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine: 1 dose
  • A mix of these authorized vaccines is also accepted


Health Surveillance Fee Effective July 20, 2021


As indicated in a previous press release, all passengers will be subject to a fee upon arrival to cover part of the costs associated with Covid 19 health measures. This fee covers the processing of administrative and sanitary requests, Etis procedures, arrival tests and tracing of passengers disembarking in French Polynesia.

As of July 20, 2021, upon obtaining your Etis receipt, travelers will be required to pay a flat fee. The amount of the fee will be tiered according to the type of traveler :

  • 5000 XPF : Vaccinated travelers age 12 and over
  • 12 000 XPF : unvaccinated travelers age 12 and over
  • Minors between 6 and 11 years old (include):
    • 5000 XPF if they are traveling with a fully vaccinated adult or legal guardian
    • 12 000 XPF if they are traveling with an unvaccinated adult or legal guardian

Exemption for travelers less than 6 years old ; students residing in French Polynesia ; persons getting back to French Polynesia after a medical evacuation or their travel companion(s)

Travelers will have to pay this fee online, when they apply on the platform.

Please note that travelers who have already completed their ETIS application and obtained their receipt will not have to do so again and are exempt from this payment.

The implementation of the possibility of a reimbursement of the health package linked to the ETIS certificate to come to French Polynesia in case of cancellation or postponement of the trip, upon request (written/email), within a period of three months, upon production of supporting documents (receipted invoice and ETIS receipt).

You can find the updated entry and stay conditions on the website : Please note that they are subject to modifications.



Antigenic tests now accepted for all travelers before their departure to French Polynesia

Two options concerning the RT-PCR or antigeni test (negative to Covid-19) requested from vaccinated travelers before boarding:

  • The RT-PCR test must be performed less than 72 hours before your flight departure time to The Islands of Tahiti, regardless of the country of origin.
  • The antigen test detecting the SARSCoV2 must be performed less than 48 hours before your flight departure time to The Islands of Tahiti, regardless of the country of origin.


Useful information

List of drugstores performing Covid-19 antigen tests with certificate of result in The Islands of Tahti : Click here
(Direct link :

Here are the opening hours of the test center at Faa’a International Airport:

  • Monday to Thursday – 7:30am to 8pm
  • Friday – 7:30am to 3pm
  • Saturday – 7:30am to 12pm and 3pm to 8pm
  • Closed on Sunday


Entry and stay conditions in The Islands of Tahiti updated on october 15th, 2021



Information for travelers returning to the United States from French Polynesia

To help speed up testing at the Tahiti Faa’a airport’s Covid center, passengers returning to the United States can now pre-register and pay for their test two days before departure.This will allow passengers to skip administrative formalities and access the airport testing center upon arrival via a priority line.Following the previous information note sent on June 2nd, 2021, the notice has been updated: ILM (Laboratory) requests also information regarding the return flight (date and flight number). This information will allow them to make sure all departing passengers are registered for testing on the right day at the airport testing center.More details on the document below:



Find the updated Entry and Stay conditions  les conditions  hereafter and on the website: Please note that they are subject to modifications.

 If you need any further information please use our live chat, or the toll free service +1 866 783 44 96.

Together, let’s Protect yourself & Protect the others.

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